About the artist:
My name is Katie Bolte, and I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a BFA in animation. I view animation as a powerful tool for storytelling, and hope to make films that have deeper, more complex story-lines that older audiences can enjoy. Much of my work focuses on fantasy settings, with roots in real life myths and legends. My goal in life is to finish the story that began in my “Creation” film; it is quite a long tale and spans from the beginning of the universe to the end. Within that timeline, the audience will hear stories of gods, dragons, spirits, and even an ordinary human girl. The stories of these beings have already happened, now, they just need to be told.

A Diverted Dream
The name ‘Diverted Dream Studios’ is a very personal title, relating to both themes in my films and also references to my own life. Dreams play a big role in my life and are where much of my inspiration for characters and stories come from. But the title ‘dream’ also can refer to a goal or aspiration. This is where the ‘diverted’ part comes in.

In our lives we often have many ideas that end up being put aside or forgotten due to the hectic nature of everyday life. The title for my studio is a reminder to myself to never lose sight of my goals, and also to help others bring their diverted dreams back to life.


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Contact Info:
Email: kbolteanimation@gmail.com
Phone: 515-822-8698
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