Hand-drawn animation is my primary mode of artistic expression, and is how I prefer to tell stories or develop characters and worlds. Most of my work is done in either Flash or Photoshop, but I will occasionally dip into After Effects for certain things. When it comes to the animation process I excel at rough/keyframe animation over any other step, as learning about and understanding movement is what excites me about animation the most. I strive to create realistic and believable motion with my characters while still maintaining a look that is stylized or exaggerated.

Animated Intro created for Kenny F’s podcast “Game Glitch Radio”. Client requested the intro to have a slap-stick humor feel, similar to Loony Toons or Tom and Jerry.
Animation- Katie Bolte
Clean-Up Assistance- Eric Franzman
Music- Matt Hodsdon

Adobe Flash, 2015

These scenes are from the children’s series ‘Whirl’ that I worked on while employed by Augsburg Fortress/Sparkhouse.
Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator, 2015

All scenes (c) Augsburg Fortress/ Sparkhouse 2015

Short for the Syfy channel based on the phrase “Imagine Greater”, where ordinary people are shown doing extraordinary things. I worked on this short with 2 other people, Laura Frick and Mallory Myers. I was the director and lead animator for the short, and also came up with the original concept of the city powered by bike energy.
Adobe Photoshop, 2012

The current cut of my senior film, it is in the process of being revamped. It’s a creation story that tells about the struggle between Order and Chaos.
Adobe Flash and Photoshop, 2013

Internship animation for the UN Women’s Association. I did prop design for the bike and plane, and also animated and cleaned up the bike and jump rope sections.
Adobe Photoshop, 2012

This film was originally made for my Ideation and Process class in college; while studying Epigenetics we were assigned to create something involving memories inherited from an ancestor. This animation touches on the topic of bullying and feeling helpless, but wishing for the ability to fight back against your aggressors. The main character might be small, but even a chihuahua once had wolf blood in its family tree.
Adobe Flash, 2011

This project is a ‘PMV’, or a ‘picture music video’; basically another word for an animatic. It features characters and story from the book series Wings of Fire. While there is no frame-by-frame animation in this piece, it’s a good example of shot composition and timing.

Storyboards, lineart, and editing- Katie Bolte

Flat colors- Valarie A. White

Background paintings and color correction- Kenzi Smith
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, 2017