Miscellaneous Projects

This section is for projects that don't really fit in the other categories. I have dabbled in web design, filmmaking, and photomanipulation, and while these things are not my specialty, overall I am still pleased with how each of them turned out.

Web Design

I have created and designed a small handful of websites, for both myself and clients. My two largest sites are the one you are currently viewing and another that hosts information on an art tournament called ‘The Black Tourney’ that I held from 2009-2010. The website itself is no longer up but you can view screenshots of some parts of it below. The pages on the Black Tourney website were designed around the specific information they each displayed. So the layout of each page changes, depending on if there is more text or more images. I’m quite proud of the way the website turned out, and though I designed the look of each and every page myself, I received a lot of help on coding from two of my friends.


This is one of the many short films I made for my Intro to Film class, and after uploading it to Youtube I received a lot of positive feedback about it. Many teachers and college professors have contacted me and told me that they have shown the film in their Philosophy classes, which was very surprising to me!

About the film: Stoicism is a philosophy from ancient Greece that teaches people to value logical reasoning and self-control over destructive emotions or urges. My film seeks to dispel the mysteries surrounding Stoicism, and spread some of the good advice that the ancient philosophers left for us.


Work done for Augsburg Fortress. We needed the garbage cans removed from these shots so the characters could walk along the sidewalk and not be obstructed. Using the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop, I recreated the background that would have been behind the garbage cans.